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TARC Attax. An article about setting up a TARC team to take advantage of tax laws. This article should be read by every team. Click on the link and it's the first item on the COSROCS article page.

Check out our most recent publicity article, with sponsor links prominently promoted.


Team Stargate: Newbies have built midsize kits to learn craftsmanship. Grizzled veterans have designed multiple rockets in Rocksim. We have 50 test launches under our belt and two official qualification attempts. We had evil experiences all season, with two CATOS on official qualification attempts, three EFC failures, a lawn dart that destroyed our entire rocket except the casing, and a dud motor on our final qualify attempt. One of our last flights achieved an altimeter reading of 666.

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We Finished Fifth in the Nation!

SG-1: First-time TARCers, we have built multiple TARC rockets. We have flown 32 flights, two of those official qualification attempts. Plus, we achieved our dream of a top-18 first flight at finals which allowed us to fly a second flight and finish fifth overall at finals. We were able to achieve the best qualification score (14.32) of any team in Colorado and a video of the flight is posted.

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Atlantis: Another team of first-timers, we've learned Rocksim, have done some fundraising, finished three TARC rocket designs, and have 15 test flights and two official qualification attempts.

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Cheyenne Mountain TARC 2008 is off to a roaring start. Photos, news, and videos. To play videos you must have Quicktime 7 with H.264 codec. Play in Quicktime browser plugin rather than downloading.

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