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  February 26th Sad Doom hits 779 feet at the COSROCS launch in Peyton   March 5th at a CRASH launch in Denver a team member and his father work on his test rocket’s egg payload. This is a great father/son activity.   March 5th a team member launches our first test platform (Rok 1) with egg and altimeter. Marginal stability results in a disappointing altitude.   March 29th The Burlington team hits 801 ft with this launch but shreds the parachute and breaks their astronaut.  
    altimeter secondlaunch   undercanopy  
March 29th Warren Layfield, an ex-NASA engineer helps the Fox Meadow Middle school team prep their rocket for launch.   April 1st A reloadable engine casing offers intriguing additional possibilities. April 1st the second successful test flight.   April 1st a test flight parachuting safely to earth.  

Click here for the second page of development photos.

Click here for a strap-on-the-subwoofers Quicktime video of 3 tube launches during the development phase. Must have Quicktime 7 with H.264 codec.

Click here for results of our efforts at finals in Virginia.

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