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Three Unique Steps that Elevate Your Brand Above the Competition

Marketing experts tell you that you need a mission, a vision, a competitive position, a well-defined channel, a promise, character, a brand management plan, a budget, and a way to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing work. Brandango can do that for you, like almost any marketing company worth their salt. But if you want to have long-term success, and a higher level of success, here are three things Brandango does to raise your business to the next level:

1. Brandango is design-oriented. You've seen it. Marketing/business types in suits come up with a good, sound strategy that fits a template for success. Creatives in their caves come up with blow-your-eyeballs-out ideas. And never the two shall meet. Brandango is different. We understand strategy, we revel in the tremendous success of businesses we help, we encourage the nuts and bolts and the process. But that's just the beginning, because creative and integrated implementation is the window into the soul of any company, and that's where we shine.

A great example is this brochure for Accent Landscapes, a small mom-and-pop shop. We did a simple, inexpensive plan, then implemented it with this brochure and other collateral. Accent's business grew while their competitors shrunk and scrambled to catch up.

2. Brandango integrates graphics with copy. How many times have you seen a graphics guy engage the copywriter in an all-out war? Not here. We get it, and the proof is in your bottom line.

A good example is this brochure for Compassion, which resulted in tremendous response. Another great example is this web page for Apogee rockets, in which Brandango closely integrates scintillating marketing/copy direction with exciting, subject-driven photos and superior product graphics. This page is taking off and driving sales at an astounding rate. In fact, it may be a challenge to take a peek at the page and not buy!

3. The most powerful differentiator in advertising and marketing production is illustration. Think about it. You can purchase stock photos on the internet for a dollar that used to cost hundreds or thousands for single-use a few years ago. This has resulted in boring, generic designs that are completely lacking in style and that have cheapness at their foundation. Most illustrators and photographers have been driven out of business by this lowest-common-denominator approach.
Think about products you've seen lately that have good-quality handmade illustration, or superior subject-specific photography. YES; you've got warm fuzzies. That's because everyone knows the difference between quality imagery and cheap production, but most people don't articulate it. It's like the difference between the drama, artistry, and composition of a Rembrandt and a plastic fast food toy; the difference between deep, piercing human emotion and a sideways glance at just another piece of junk. Brandango uses many fine art styles of illustration, many different illustrators, and many photographers. While quality imagery costs more upfront, it pays for itself many times over.

One example of the quality and staying power of illustration is this cover for the American Heart Association. Our illustration has graced the cover since 1993. Some 25,000* books have been published, which is astounding for a medical school textbook. Another perfect example is Charting the End Times. This book has sold 184,440 copies and is essentially unchanged since it was published in 2001. Brandango designed the interior, and upsold the publishers to high-quality, fine-art style illustration. The result is a timeless classic with staying power and steady sales: the standard by which all illustrated charts are measured.

Contact Brandango today. Let us put your company over the top.

*estimated sales